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for plastic bags, poly bags, film stock and custom plastic mailers/ envelopes
Heavy Duty Bags- Stock and Custom 

Our heavy duty bags are produced to take a beating during the most rigorous shipping environments, and still hold-up over time.  Our heavy duty bags can hold up to harsh environmental conditions when required as well, no matter where they travel.  Manufactured specifically to have superior puncture and tear resistance, they can withstand a lot of punishment from soils, chemicals, wood chips, mulch and fertilizer.  We have the ability to customize any of our heavy duty bags, and match up to 8 colors featuring your brand message.  In the world of heavy duty bags, PolyPak America heavy duty bags, whether stock or custom, are top of the line.  You have complete confidence in the quality and value in their production.

 Envelopes and Poly Mailers- Stock and Custom

Stock Poly Envelopes / Mailers: We carry a full line of poly envelopes/ mailers to meet your mailing needs while being practical, durable and cost effective.  Consider our tough DuraLite Poly Mailers that are waterproof and tear resistant, look professional and provide maximum privacy.  Or browse our high-visibility promotional poly mailing envelopes, that come in five different sizes, are USPS approved, accept stamps or meter tape, and are 35% Post- Consumer Recycled Plastic.

Custom Poly Envelopes / Mailers: Designed with exactly you in mind, these custom poly mailers are made to meet your exact specifications.  You can have confidence in our hot-melt adhesive closure system, making our custom poly envelopes extremely secure.  Review our courier bags that feature the toughest plastic film and tamper resistant closure that ensures safe delivery.  Or see why professional shippers like DHL have confidence in our consolidation bags made with high-strength poly film.  Also, we can match any color and have the ability to custom print up to 8 colors on your poly mailers or poly shipping envelopes to match your brand message.

Security Bags

PolyPak America carries a wide array of the safest, most secure plastic security deposit and shipping bags available.  The Amorite line of security bags features several sizes, tamper evident fold over bottoms, tamper evident closure system, and are sequentially numbered.  Our plastic security bags have been called the finest in the industry encompassing all safety protocols for cash and payroll bags, evidence bags, and medical lab bags.  Review our security bags carefully as some are able to be customized to fit your specific needs.

Poly Films and Poly Bags

Our lines of films and bags have multi-layer extrusion capabilities that allow us to perfectly fulfill your specialty poly film requirements,  Read about our high-strength Agricultural Plastic Film made from 100% real prime polyethylene and offer a full season of UV protection and fumigation barrier.  Also note our plastic poly packaging geared toward animal bedding and sealed-in-securely by our poly packaging films. Note that roll-stock can be made in narrow diameter rolls as well as up to 10 inches.

Whatever your packaging goal, we can design a poly bag, poly mailer, or poly film that fills the bill, and seals it too.