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LLDPE Resin Pricing

Resin Update for May 2018


Contract resin prices in April were flat and the nominated $.03 increase was pushed out to May. There is one resin manufacturer at this time with a new price increase announcement on the table for June of $.04/lb., this is in addition to all previously announced increases. We will have to wait and see if others follow. Index pricing has gone up $.11/lb. since last May.

There are several new plants in operation resulting in an approximate increase of 8% in new resin production since August 2017 leading to an inventory build of 403 million lbs. This is the 4th consecutive moth we have seen a build this year.

Buyers are reluctant to accept the nominated increases due to the higher inventory levels but market conditions are mixed amid crude oil prices that continue to rise and robust demand from Asia

Please contact your Poly PAK representative to see how these market conditions may affect your specific requirements.

Thank you for your business