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LLDPE Resin Pricing

Resin Update for December 2017


With November’s published resin increase firmly in place, resin producers have achieved increases totaling $.10 cents per pound during the August – November timeframe. It is likely we will see this Hurricane Premium begin to subside now that most of the hurricane related outages have been resolved and most of the new production capacity, almost 7 billion Lbs. is beginning to ramp up.

Production in December appears to be less than what we was expected as there are multiple unplanned outages that are occurring in the market place including issues with some of the new plants that are not up to rates yet as were previously anticipated. There are also new developments on planned outages for Q1 2018 that will likely restrict excess production for the first quarter.

There are currently no resin price increases pending. Global prices remain firm and in line with higher oil prices although oil prices saw a decline just this week.

Please contact your Poly PAK representative to see how these market conditions may affect your specific requirements.

Thank you for your business