Improving the planet one package at a time

Decrease Packaging

Consumers are increasingly frustrated with receiving overpackaged products




Right-Size Packaging

Minimize your packaging to fit your product just right while getting the right protection

Choose which is right for you

Prolite Poly Shipper


ProLite shippers contain 35% recycled material and are waterproof, tear and puncture resistant.

MIGHTY Lite Poly Mailers

Mighty Lite

Mighty Lite poly mailers, our lightest weight shipper, incredibly strong, durable and tear resistant.

RE Pak Poly Shipping Envelope

Re Pak

Re-Pak poly shipping envelopes are reusable as well as waterproof, tear and puncture resistant.

Recyclable Packaging

After decreasing the amount of packaging you are
using, make sure it’s 100% recyclable

Prolite Poly Shipper

Our poly mailers are 100% recyclable, confirm with your supplier.

Kraft Paper Bubble Mailer

Kraft paper bubble mailers are not recyclable because they are made with mixed materials

RE Pak Poly Shipping Envelope

Reusable Packaging

Dual Peel and Seal Mailers are environmentally friendly plastic bags that make returning product and reusing mailers easy.

Prolite Poly Shipper

Made of Recycled Content

Recycled poly bags and Mailers made with recycled content reduce landfill waste and are 100% recyclable.

Clear Messaging

Let your clients know that your packaging is sustainable and you use eco friendly poly bags. Print your package and recycled poly bags with a clear recyclability message, the recycled content it’s made up of, and a How2Recycle label.

For more information on the How2Recycle label please visit

Recyclable Plastic Mailer

This bag is made of up to 35% recycled polyethylene
and is recyclable

Recycled poly bags are a type of plastic bag that has been made from recycled plastic material. These bags are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags, which can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills and can be harmful to the environment.

In addition to their environmental benefits, recycled poly bags also offer cost savings for businesses. These environmentally friendly plastic bags often less expensive than traditional plastic bags, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to reduce their expenses.

Are your plastic bags eco-friendly?

Yes, all of our plastic bags are eco-friendly. Traditional plastic is extremely harmful to the environment out there. However, we are conscious of the material we use. Accordingly, our products are made up of 35% recycled polyethylene.

Our industrial plastic bags are themselves recyclable, which means that instead of accumulating in a landfill, they can be reused for other products. Dual peel and seal mailers that we have are also environmentally friendly plastic bags that make it easy for our customers to reuse mailers.

Are your environment-friendly plastic bags 100% recyclable?

PolyPak is proud of making 100% recyclable plastic bags that can be reused and remanufactured. We understand that plastic can be harmful to the environment, which is why we ensure that we help protect the environment without affecting the quality of our products. Accordingly, we support recycling programs around the country, especially those concerning plastic products.

Where can I find pricing for your recycled poly bags?

PolyPak has an e-store where our customers can check our products, their details like pricing, and request a quote. Our e-store lists all the products that we offer, such as heavy-duty stock bags, custom shipping envelopes, poly mailers, and stock security bags.

If you are especially looking for a custom plastic bag, you can contact our team and discuss your project. Our team will get back to you with a quick and competitive quote. You can either drop us an email or contact our support team at (323) 264 2400.