The Future of Plastics

For the past 50-plus years, the plastics industry has boomed. Just two years ago, 311 metric tons of plastics were produced, with experts predicting the production of over 600 million metric tons within the next 20 years. However, this has raised major concerns regarding land and ocean pollution. In response, plastic manufacturing companies are making changes to products, including environmentally friendly plastic envelopes.

Reputable plastic bag manufacturers recognize the ongoing need to provide consumers with plastic packaging while reacting to environmental concerns. The goal is to give consumers the types of packaging they need and reduce the roughly 8 million metric tons of annual ocean pollution.

Making Responsible Choices

There are two primary ways to keep plastics circulating in production while reducing pollution.

First, it is important for people to recycle. Most cities have some type of curbside recycling service. If not, there often are recyclable stations located within close proximity. Regardless of the type of plastic, it is melted down and manufactured into a wide range of new products.

Second, plastic bag manufacturers need to take advantage of modern-day technology to offer consumers recycled plastic products. Because the volume of mailers and envelopes is so great, this is where environmentally friendly plastic envelopes are a huge benefit.

One company in particular is taking a stance against pollution by offering mailers and envelopes deemed environmentally safe. Polypak Packaging is a top plastic bag manufacturer with a wide range of high-quality products. Included are plastic mailing envelopes, returnable shipping envelopes, shipping envelopes, and promotional plastic envelopes.

What makes the interoffice envelopes, poly shippers, and poly mailing envelopes unique is that they are manufactured with 35 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. That means that these environmentally friendly plastic envelopes get the job done while supporting a cleaner planet.

The top environmentally friendly plastic envelopes are Duralite, a thicker and more rigid mailer; RePak, a return goods returnable shipper made from Enviro-tuff; and ProLite, a high-impact and tear-resistant shipping product. PolyPak also offers Almost Forever, a clear window interoffice mailer; and Showcase™, a clear window promotional mailer.

If you are in the market for products that are safe for the environment, please call us today or check out our products on the Polypak Packaging website.