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EPR accreditation

This is the first environmental standards, audit and accreditation program for the plastics industry. Initial accreditation targets are the film and bag producers with other plastic producers to be included in the future. The EPR program serves as an industry organized catalyst to help plastic producers reduce any industry contribution to air and waterway pollution as well as landfill content.

  • Recycled Content
  • Air Emissions
  • Heavy Metal Free Additives
  • Pellet Containment
  • Community Service & Education

Operation Clean Sweep

Zero Pellet Loss is a priority for the plastics industry – and a critical issue for our environment. Spilled pellets make their way into local waters and eventually end up in our oceans where they create both a litter problem and a deadly threat to sea life. The Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) Program was created to help keep the environment clean.