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Agricultural film has a tough job to fill – and PolyPak’s agricultural film can withstand even the most demanding of agricultural needs. PolyPak’s films perform better because they are made better. Our specialty plastic can be used in a wide variety of agricultural applications, from mulch to baling.

Features of PolyPak Agricultural Film

PolyPak does not produce your “average” agricultural film – we produce film that performs better, looks better and is better than the typical poly film. Some features of our agricultural film includes:

  • Constructed from high strength agricultural plastic for the ultimate in durability.
  • Center strip available for easy and fast lay-down
  • Full-season UV protection, protecting your agricultural materials against the elements, 365 days of the year.
  • Poly film bags are compatible with common agricultural fumigant, including methyl bromide.
  • Agricultural film is locally produced and quality is tightly controlled.

Mulch Films

PolyPak’s specialty mulch films are made from 100-percent prime polyethylene, which provides incredible strength and unmatched performance. PolyPak’s quality mulch films are made with DURA-Smooth technology and feature POLY-Shield fumigation barrier. Both of these agricultural film formulas offer UV protection that lasts through every season and can withstand extreme high and low temperatures. Mulch poly films are available in clear, tinted, colored, black and white colors – and also available in multi-layered options.

PolyPak’s mulch films use innovative design and technology in combination with durable construction, to provide a reliable product that is easy to use and will withstand just about any job required of it. Among PolyPak’s innovative mulch film products are agricultural plastic films designed specifically for strawberry crops, which are compatible with fumigants, such as methyl bromide, typically used in the strawberry crop industry. The poly mulch films are available with a center guide strip which facilitates easy lay-down.

Poly Balers

PolyPak’s poly balers are manufactured using patented Rhino™ film, which has been created expressly for baling loose materials or compressed materials such as wood pellets, animal bedding, baled wood shavings and baled rice hulls. Rhino™ film offers high impact performance, enduring strength and supreme tear and puncture resistance. Rhino™ film is a very unique poly material and has a “low creep” so the package remains square. This means a better looking product that stacks easily. The film’s outer surface provides a low-slip finish, making stacking easy and safe, while the inside of the film remains slick, so product can easily slide in and out for efficient packing and easy opening.

Rhino™ poly balers are available with corner seals. Our poly baler agricultural film offers UV protection for up to six months and can be ordered in custom sizes and colors. Balers come in custom colors and are printed with fade and scratch resistant inks. The plastic baler bags can be printed with your company or farm’s information, in up to eight colors of your choice.

To learn more about PolyPak’s agricultural film, balers and mulch films, visit PolyPak.com to view products and explore custom poly film options.