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Shipping your product is an important part of business. You want your shipped product or business correspondence to look professional and to arrive safely and undamaged. Mailing your products in a cost-effective manner is also important, as saving even a few cents per package can really contribute to your bottom line. Modern businesses are also focused on reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing their environmental impact – and that starts with responsible packaging. Polypak Packaging is a top choice for businesses that want a truly professional custom poly mailing solution that creates a positive impact – on customers, their budget and on the environment.

Stock Poly Mailers

  • DuraLite Poly Mailing Envelopes®: These poly mailers are tough as nails, made from Rigur®, and are waterproof, puncture-proof and tear-resistant. These envelopes are opaque white with a silver lining, for a professional look that offers maximum privacy. The patented Sure-Safe™ easily peels and seals and provides a tamper-resistant closure.
  • ProLite Shipper®: Our poly shipping envelopes are designed with total protection – as well as your budget – in mind. As the name suggests, the ProLite Shipper is extremely lightweight. So lightweight that it doesn’t even register on weight scales – meaning major shipping cost savings for your business. ProLite Shipper® is made from Enviro-Tuff®, which is made from 35-percent post-consumer recycled plastic and provides a high strength, waterproof and puncture-proof finish.
  • RePak Shipper: RePak Shipper reusable poly shipping envelopes are easy to pack and easy to open – and a unique double-closure feature which allows the consumer to return items in the same envelope.
  • Showcase Promotional Poly Mailing Envelope: Show off your catalogs or magazines with poly mailers that feature a full-sized, crystal clear window on one side of the envelope. The other side is made with a white, opaque material that you can write on or affix an address label. This promotional poly mailing envelope is USPS approved.
  • Almost Forever Envelope: Want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Almost Forever poly document envelopes feature a clear front for quick and easy document identification and a ziplock closure that can be used over and over again. This is a great option for mailing and document storage and for interoffice correspondence.

Custom Poly Mailers

Though Polypak Packaging offers an extensive line of poly mailing bags and poly mailers to meet most mailing needs, we understand that there are some mailing jobs and industries that require completely custom poly mailing bags. Polypak Packaging is happy to take on the challenge of designing the perfect custom poly mailing bags to suit your specific needs. Our experience in designing and manufacturing innovative custom mailing envelopes and poly mailers shines through in the high-quality mailing solutions we provide.

You provide us with your exact specifications and we’ll create custom poly envelopes and mailers that will meet those needs. Our custom mailing envelopes, shipping envelopes and shipping bags are guaranteed to meet industry standards and are designed for strength and ease-of-use. Each environmentally-friendly mailing bag and custom poly envelope can be printed with your graphics, company information and logo – in up to eight colors.

Environmentally-Friendly Poly Mailers

Polypak Packaging is committed to reducing its environmental impact and creating sustainable and eco-friendly mailing solutions. Almost our entire line of plastic mailing envelopes, shipping envelopes, returnable shipping envelopes and promotional plastic envelopes contain 35 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, making them a responsible environmental choice.

In addition, Polypak Packaging partners with the nation’s leading nonprofit carbon reduction organization Carbonfund.org, and AmericanForests.org, which supports tree planting initiatives. PolyPak also offers 100-percent post-consumer recycled custom products for our most environmentally-conscious clients.
To learn more about custom polymailers from PolyPak or to view products or request a quote, visit PolyPak.com