USPS Approved Poly Film


Postal Approved Film

We offer high clarity poly films that have been approved by the USPS.

These postal approved premium packaging films are designed especially for poly-wrapping pieces that are delivered via parcel post, claiming bar code rates for flats automation rates.

The poly film complies with DMM C820 and USPS T-3204, which describes the physical criteria for USPS automation-compatible flats, including the use of tabs, wafer seals, tape, outside labels and stickers on flats, and the uniformity of exterior surface. It also lists poly wrap film specifications.

Single-wound sheeting and v-fold are available to fit whatever automatic bagging or filling equipment your operation demands including Maverick, Automated, Campbell and CMC machines. A broad sealing range provides flawless automatic filling and bagging which means more production and less down time for you.

  • Saves money in all bulk mailings
  • Meets all USPS requirements
  • Qualifies for USPS automation rates
  • Extremely clear to let your message shine through
  • Or opaque for privacy
  • Certified to meet US Postal Service standard 28A as outlined in DMM C820
  • Custom sizes available
  • Custom printing (up to eight colors)
  • Single wound sheeting or V-fold for form and fill bagging machines can be tailored for Maverick, Automated, Campbell
  • High sealability

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    USPS Approved Poly Film


    USPS Approved Poly Film
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